Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Footloose and Metal Free!!!!

Okay, so I'm at the end of my journey (hopefully) dear friends. Wow, I went back to read all of my past blogs and it's amazing what we go/went through. I wish all of you the best of luck if you are considering, or in the process of upper/lower jaw surgery. Feel free to ask me anything. I love to offer advice...even if it's unsolicited!

Braces removal was a piece of cake. I will take some more pics this weekend w/ my hair fix and lip gloss on!  I went out and purchased like three different colors of shiny lip gloss. I'm infatuated with lip gloss but have rejected it for two years as not to draw any further attention to my mouth bling. Now, I'm ready to show off some luscious lips.

Which is quite funny because my Ortho reminded me that my Hubby was probably waiting for some smooches after this whole ordeal. I have been avoiding kissing him like the plague....So, yes Dr. O I offered up some smooches to my hubby yesterday! :)

I will actually miss seeing my Ortho "family" as I don't go back to see them for 6 months to have my retainer check. It's really much more comfortable than I imagined. I have a permanent bar on the inside of my bottom teeth so I don't need a bottom retainer. I'll post pics of these soon as well. I get my teeth cleaned at the dentist Thurs so I'll wait until then to post more mouth pics. But, here is the pic w/ my wonderful Ortho. :)

Until next time.....keep smilin' y'all!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You look super! Congrats! I cannot wait to get mine off! Soon!

Dani said...

Congratulations Elisha! I am so jealous and cannot wait to be standing in your shoes!

z3 said...

omg i am so happy for u cant wait till i get mine off u look beautiful

RoxieK said...

Congrats!! Makes it all worth in the end! :) You look great!