Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Footloose and Metal Free!!!!

Okay, so I'm at the end of my journey (hopefully) dear friends. Wow, I went back to read all of my past blogs and it's amazing what we go/went through. I wish all of you the best of luck if you are considering, or in the process of upper/lower jaw surgery. Feel free to ask me anything. I love to offer advice...even if it's unsolicited!

Braces removal was a piece of cake. I will take some more pics this weekend w/ my hair fix and lip gloss on!  I went out and purchased like three different colors of shiny lip gloss. I'm infatuated with lip gloss but have rejected it for two years as not to draw any further attention to my mouth bling. Now, I'm ready to show off some luscious lips.

Which is quite funny because my Ortho reminded me that my Hubby was probably waiting for some smooches after this whole ordeal. I have been avoiding kissing him like the plague....So, yes Dr. O I offered up some smooches to my hubby yesterday! :)

I will actually miss seeing my Ortho "family" as I don't go back to see them for 6 months to have my retainer check. It's really much more comfortable than I imagined. I have a permanent bar on the inside of my bottom teeth so I don't need a bottom retainer. I'll post pics of these soon as well. I get my teeth cleaned at the dentist Thurs so I'll wait until then to post more mouth pics. But, here is the pic w/ my wonderful Ortho. :)

Until next time.....keep smilin' y'all!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's the Final Countdown!!!!!!!

Okay friends. I cannot believe it's been three full months since I've posted on here. I'm a bad friend, I know! But, no news is good news right? My bite has been feeling so much better. I'm able to eat so much more than I thought I would be able to. I still don't attempt the really tough stuff like raw carrots, etc. But, I really didn't eat those before so....My greatest concern at this time is my newly confidence in my bite is causing me to overeat! lol. So, I'm nervous about gaining weight. I think my hubby is a little nervous as well. My nose feels awesome. It's sticky and humid here so I'm still congested but I can BREATHE. I feel I still mouth breathe at times but I use my nose a lot more than I used to. It also looks a lot better. I mean A LOT! My oral surgeon said he would help w/ the cost. I'm getting ready to send him my final bill on that deal. Like Tina (fellow blogger) I feel my face is crooked now. Actually, it really is. The oral surgeon couldn't find enough bone to attach my upper jaw so he had to tilt it some. Which in turn makes the left side of my face fuller than the right and my mid line is off. This is probably what has contributed to some of my nose issues as well. But, all in all I'm one happy chick. To be honest, it's taken me this whole time to admit that. Most people are happy w/ in months but it's taken me this whole process to actually be happy w/ my results.

I went to the ortho yesterday and had my back brackets removed and my impressions for my retainer. I get my braces removed next Monday and my retainer. Which I got to decorate blue with a dragonfly on it! :) I can't believe this journey is almost over. It has been long and emotional but I am happy. My right TMJ is still giving me trouble. It was really bad after holding my mouth open so long yesterday. I pray it improves but I think it was too far gone before surgery....so I'm preparing myself that somewhere down the road I will probably need surgery on it. But, I've learned my lesson....I will gladly wait in agony until it's covered under my insurance. :)

To all my blogger buddies...hang in there...there IS a light at the end of the tunnel. It's amazing what the human body/mind is capable of accomplishing.

Next time you hear from me I will be unchained and ecstatic!!!! :) XOXOXO

Friday, April 22, 2011

Pics for my Peeps!

Okay, I must really love y'all because I'm going to go ahead and post some pics. Be forewarned! Both sets of pics are w/out makeup and in my after I'm sporting a nice cold sore on my upper lip. I'm also still pretty swollen on my upper lip and around the edges of my nose. Nothin' like the jaw surgery though.

I don't think my nose has changed as much as I would've liked it to, but I DO notice some changes...and...like I said, I still have quite a bit of swelling. Also, I have to keep in perspective... I went in to fix my breathing and some wishful thinking, NOT for a rhinoplasty or anything cosmetic.

Also, I can't remember if I told you this or not but they had to rotate my upper jaw during my jaw surgery because they couldn't find good bone to attach it..so my midline is never going to be right in the middle. This is probably the cause of most of my nose issues. I'm actually still really upset about that...but...what're you gonna do? Life isn't always a basket of Cadbury creme eggs is it???

On a side note, I took my 6 year old son in to have a minor oral surgery today. His frenulum that attaches his tongue is too close to the tip (tongue tied) and his upper one is right between his two upper teeth causing a large gap. So he had those clipped today. I probably am overly obsessed but the Dentist recommended it and at this point I will do whatever it takes to help him NOT have to experience what I have had to! :( He's feeling pretty good. It was actually kinda comical to watch him come out of anesthesia...

 Okay so here are the god-awful photos. When I lose the cold sore and the swelling goes down I'll post one w/ makeup. :)

You all have a very blessed Easter!!!! XOXOXO E

I don't notice much of a difference in the before/after but I'm still pretty swollen. We'll see.... 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Septo Surgery Update

Hello all! I survived my septo surgery. Let me tell you...it was a piece of cake compared to the jaw surgery. I was very apprehensive from everything I went through originally. But, this time anesthesia was much less and surgery only lasted approx. an hour so I have literally no effects from that. I'm on pain meds and antibiotics and my nose is still seeping blood some (and sometimes painful if I don't stay on top of pain meds and ice) but other than that I'm pretty good! I'm eating normal, doing laundry, etc. so I feel very fortunate. ENT Dr. said my septum wasn't as deviated as originally thought but that my turbinate was "kicked" over and blocking that whole left nostril. She also tried to work on that left nostril a little, I think...I don't really remember much but I'm sure I'll get the whole scoop on my recheck on Monday. I don't have a splint or anything so that's good...I'm pretty swollen but I have to say I'm pretty optimistic that my nose looks more like my original nose than before. I'm praying!!!! I'll post some pics once swelling goes down some and I get this blood gone. Doesn't make for a pretty picture!

Another funny story...Remember my Dumb and Dumber moment when I was on my walk w/ a snotty nose? Well, yesterday may have it beat! My dog ran out the front door to chase after a guy and his dog he was walking.  Well...I had taken a little too much pain medication and forgot the "condition" I was in. I went outside to get my dog with this lovely piece of blood stained cotton taped all the way across my face. In addition to that, my daughter had placed a lovely princess crown on my head so not only was I sporting the blood stained bandage I was sporting it in style! lol! Good thing I really don't care! :) I'm sure that guy got a good laugh...or was a little disturbed...probably both! :)

Thanks friends for all of your well wishes! It really cheered me up! XOXOXOX E

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Who Nose????

Okay, so I haven't updated lately...sooo busy. But, here's the scoop! I'm going in tomorrow morning for my septoplasty surgery on my nose. She will also trim down my turbinates while she's in there to help me breathe better. My allergies have been super duper lately.

I went back and forth on deciding what I should do regarding the shape of my nose and rhinoplasty. Of course insurance wouldn't cover this and it would change my face even more...I don't think I'm ready for any more changes at this stage. Maybe I'll revisit that later in my life but for now we're just going to fix my septum and in turn fix my nose breathing. I'm praying that it WILL fix that left nostril that's a little funky. My Dr. told me she always makes sure to let patients know that septoplasty is for function only and that it will not be a cosmetic procedure to change the shape/look of your nose....but...in my case she said it "should" improve the look of that funky left nostril! Who nose (knows! :) ) Maybe it will. I can only hope!

I have to say I feel like my journey is taking a little longer than my fellow jaw surgery sistas and brothas and I'm a little frustrated. I wish I knew what the deal-e-o is...I went to my Otho on Tues. He seemed to be a little disappointed and said I was getting an overjet again and put some heavy duty bands back on to bring my bottom jaw forward more. I didn't dare ask when I was getting my metal mouth removed. I know the last time I asked he said the Fall...Blah!!!! I'm seriously being a good little listener and doing everything asked of me!!!

Well, I just wanted to shoot a quick post with my newest info and I'll keep you updated on how the surgery went/goes. In good news...my  Oral Surgeon offered to help with the cost of my septo! I am ever so grateful for this as I really think it was the surgery center tech that yanked my nose tube out causing the prob. Anyway,  my deductible and out of pocket max will be $3,000...My OS said to show him the bills once everything is done and paid for and they'll help out. Awesome! Major blessing in the scheme of things...Well, I hope all of you are doing great! I haven't had time to check a lot of your blogs lately... so sorry! :( But, if you DO read a lot of blogs...answer me this...what is average amount of time most people have their braces on AFTER their surgery?  I'm going on 9 months now and no sign of removal...I feel like some sort of freak or something..Please tell me there are some out there that have me beat????

Notice the funky left nostril? Hello!

Notice that jawline? Helllooooo!

Friday, January 21, 2011

To All My Bloggin' Brothas and Sistas!!!!

Hi there! I know I've been away for awhile...I've missed you bloggin' buddies.  But, I was really doing y'all a favor. I'm actually saving you from the continuous pity party I'm on while I hibernate my winter away. I am NOT a winter person and the kids have been off at least 4-5 days for snow days. So....I'm pretty unmotivated to do much these days. I had an OS appt scheduled for this Thurs that I rescheduled for next week b/c of the weather. I also see my Ortho next Wednesday. I'm still wearing rubber bands day and night, hoping he'll change this??? I'm coming up on 5 months post op! It seems like it's just flown by!!!

My back molars still don't touch and I have problems eating things like thin pasta (angel hair), tortilla chips, lettuce...things like that. But, other than that I pretty much try to chew lots of different things. I still mostly have really soft things like pasta, steamed veggies, etc.  but I've had cookies, pizza and chicken. I still am most comfortable chewing on my right side of my mouth but am also trying to use my left more. It hasn't been easy for me but I do see progress. I've been trying to pucker and whistle...can you guys whistle? I didn't know if this was normal that I haven't been able to do it. Maybe the braces have something to do with it.  I just got efficient with the straw recently. I feel like I should be MUCH further along than this....but o'well. I can't complain much more can I??? :)

We had a great Christmas though and I'm posting some pics of my family and I before my hubby's work Christmas party. These were taken a little over a month ago. It's actually the first Facebook photo I've posted of me with braces!!! I'll post a couple of new close-ups once I climb out of my cave...it seriously may not be until Spring!! :) My face is pretty much the same, I think. My nose is still nice and perky and with all the winter colds going around I've had quite a bit of mouth breathing going on. I can tell my left nostril is still quite a bit different but I'm hoping the septoplasty will help that a little. In looking at some photos pre-surgery I did notice my nostrils were a little off even then. I guess I was so obsessed w/ my mouth that I never noticed it before!

In Nose News....I have been most depressed about this situation. My nose HAS changed...and a lot. Like a fellow blogger buddy put it (not about mine but her own, as this happened to her as well)...it looks rather baboonish! I did see yet another ENT/Plastic Surgeon. She said my septum def is deviated and that I could have surgery as soon as I like to fix this which will help my breathing but not change my nose shape(so it may or may not correct that nostril situation). She also talked to me about the plastic surgery I could have done. She said that to fix my perky tip would only make it look more wide and flat at the base and the best option (which is the same thing crazy Plastic Surgeon man said) was to build up the bridge of my nose with a bone graft to try to balance it out. This could be done at the same time as the septoplasty. Only problem is that insurance won't cover it and it would be $8,000 out of pocket. I'm just not capable of spending more money on this!!! So, even though my Hubby was on board with whatever I decided I opted for the septoplasty only...to fix my breathing. I am coming to terms with the fact that I'm never going to have my old nose back. No matter what I have done it'll never look the same and I think that may depress me even more. So, for now I'll focus on the breathing issue only and maybe in a couple years I may decide to go back and have the bone graft, but I'm praying I'll be content with my new look by then! 

I set my septoplasty up for April 18th. I'm still debating if I'm going to use the ENT/Plastic Surgeon or my original ENT.  I may ask my OS's opinion next Thurs. I know the Plastic Surgeon won't be doing anything "extra" but maybe she will be more conscious of the end result than my original ENT???? I just don't want anymore "surprises". I think some of you can understand this!!! 

I'm glad I crawled out of my cave for a minute to post an update...it really was kinda therapeutic. :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Revision Update

Soooooo, I really wasn't wanting to post anything because I'm kinda blue right now but hey, gotta be real (and Tara was asking! :) ) so here I go.

FYI, read no further if you're not wanting to listen to my Pity Party... 

Okay, as we all know my OS referred me to a plastic surgeon to have my nose looked at. I've had issues w/ breathing through my left nostril, as well as issues with smelling and the physical appearance of my nose looks "off". My OS assumed my nose "buckled" during the surgery and that my septum is deviated causing all of these issues. He sent the PS (plastic surgeon, but I could think of alot of other things to call him) a letter and x-rays explaining all of this. I was excited for this appt. (it was on Tues) as I wanted answers and I saw this surgeon about 8 years ago and his practice is very reputable. Well....I guess a lot of pride can grow in 8 years because this (fill in the blank with whatever name floats your boat!) was terrible. He made me wait 1.5 hours to sashay in and give me all of his "accreditation's" and started in on all the flaws of my face and how he could suck fat out of my tummy to add to my cheeks for fullness, yadda yadda yadda.  I put up a hand stop sign and said, "Wait right there, I'm here for issues with BREATHING from my NOSE". So, he finally decides to get off his high horse and look at my nose where he quickly says that it's NOT deviated but that he could refer me to his dad (an ENT) who may be able to do something about my breathing. Then, told me to come back and see him in a month. Why??? So he can work on "sucking" out some more self esteem??? Like I haven't been through enough emotionally with this jaw surgery.  I barely EVER cry and I was literally bawling. His assistant walked in and said, "take your time and come out when you're ready this happens all the time." How sad is that???  Then, I get a call about an hour later saying my driver's license was on their copy machine and I could I come back? I was like NO, mail it to me.... On top of that, I looked up his dad ENT and found out he graduated med school in 1960, so he's like 80??? Doubt that he's still doing septoplasty...you could've been a REAL doctor and called your dad  to ask before sending me on a wild good chase Dr. Daniel Bortnick of Monarch Plastic Surgery!

So, I called my OS (bawling)...he said to forget that dude and move on. That he probably just wants to stick to boobs and butts (my words not exactly his) where all the $$$$ is. So, I called my previous ENT and got in to see him. He said not only is my septum deviated but my nose was fractured/broke during surgery (or when the drainage tube came out--not sure when) and that's the problem. The solution is, of course, surgery but that I really need to wait until summer when everything is completely healed for it to be effective. Again, insurance will cover it...just another procedure and another waiting game and deciding on who should do the surgery. I'll be sooo glad when all of this is over. Will it ever be????

Pity Party Concluded....