Saturday, September 18, 2010

Splint Removal....CHECK!

So, the splint removal went much easier than expected. I didn't even need a local as I was still completely numb. It was attached to my upper teeth with wires that went around each tooth and connected to my braces wire. He used some little tool and it cut all the wires in only about 7 minutes. The only time I freaked out was when it was hanging by like one wire and I thought I was going to swallow it. I can talk much better without it. I feel like my saliva is still plentiful and I still "slurp" it. Eating's not much easier either. I guess I imagined removing the splint would magically make everything go away. I know I just need to be patient. *NOTE: This is not my splint but mine looked very similar.

Friday I got my hair trimmed (and a few bangs). It made me feel better but I think I overdid it on Thursday and I have felt pretty crummy the past couple days. My OS said everything looked great and I was healing nicely. I have another appt. next Thursday and he said depending on how things look then that he may go ahead and send me back to my Ortho.

I'm kinda anxious to see my Ortho. My back teeth don't touch, I still have a little cross bite and I feel like I still have an overbite. I'm curious on his opinion. I know I will worry about this as I'm a freak about my teeth. That's the only downfall to having the splint out. With it in I knew my bite was where it was supposed to be, with it out, I have NO IDEA. I still have two rubber bands up close on my teeth that I can take out to eat and brush. OS said my ortho will probably do some different band configurations to fix the cross bite. I think he wants HIM to be the bad guy! lol :) I don't blame him. He's such a nice guy!

Well, I didn't post any pics this time...sorry. I actually got really swollen after Thurs (from overdoing it) and I have totally broken out in zits all over. I have been cleaning my face as often as I can. After surgery my oil glands went in to overdrive and it's been crazy oily. Now, I'm just trying to get this teenage adolescence look under control. :( I'm emotionally at the bottom of the roller coaster today.

Sorry to be such a downer. Hope you all are doing well in whatever stage you're in. XOXOX

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mamasjawsurgery said...

Girl I am feeling for you! There is so many highs and lows associated with EVERYTHING regarding this surgery. Peaks and valleys girl peaks and valleys. From what I have read on numerous other blogs the acne/oily is very normal due to all of the steroids they pump in you.

Know that this is temporary and will soon go away and you will be sporting your perfect teeth and perfect jaw. Just hang tough!! Go New Kids on the Block on it!

Goooooo E you can do it!

I am not a good cheerleader, am I?!?! Lol.

Keep the faith!